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Fred Connors photographed for Progress Magazine.

I love shooting editorial portraits. It’s nice to have the confidence from years of experience that I can walk into a shoot not knowing exactly what is going to come of it, but knowing I’ll get something cool in the end. Once you are comfortable working with you equipment you can watch people you are photographing to see how they naturally move. I used to watch how people stood as I changed film, it seemed to be a time they relaxed, and I would get excited about this and say, yes, just like that. Load the film and off we went. Now, with digital, I may stop to move a light, or something out of the background, but I try to watch the people I’m photographing to see what their natural posture is like. I don’t think my style has changed much over the years. I cleaned up my photos going from newspaper photojournalism to magazines and corporate work, but my photojournalistic style is still there if you.